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Our Business
Our Business
ĦOur Business
Our main product lines are in the areas of Communications, Computers and Components for high-end applications.
The letters of "COM" in our company name expresses these areas.
Together they form the core of the high technology electronics industry, in which our products play an essential role.

The products we handle include equipment for scientific research and aerospace development.
One example is an experimental fusion reactor, which is required to have excellent reliability, for a national project proceeding into next generation.
Other products range from micro-integrated relays to high energy RF power equipment

Our company was established in August 1976.
Since then as an exclusive agent, we have targeted high-technology electronic equipment and components that are developed in USA and European countries and have introduced the latest technologies of leading companies based on our understanding of the needs of domestic customers.

In 1983, we opened a technical-center and subsequently established a customer support system to better respond to the needs of customers with testing, modifications and post-market services for our products.

In addition, to better serve our customers in a rapidly changing market environment, we have launched additional service called "Total Supply Service".
Using high-speed communication networks connecting New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, it provides reliable information quickly in response to wide-ranged inquiries from our customers and ensures on-time delivery services.

This service is currently used by many our customers, along with the general product import services we offer as an exclusive agent.

Staffed by a group of highly skilled professionals, COMCRAFT supplies products and provides dependable services, as well as comprehensive technical information and support.
As a result, we are making major contributions to the development and growth of our customers in Japanese electronics industry.
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